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They Cried the More

A crowd told two blind men to be silent, but they cried the more unto Jesus and were healed. What can we learn about crowds, needs, and calls for help in this account ...


Temptation is the trial of man's fidelity, integrity, virtue, constancy - it's an enticement to sin. We look to James 1:12-15 for more information and a little encoura...

Study to Teach

We can learn a lot from what Paul told Timothy in 1 Timothy 4:6-16. Timothy was to read, come alongside others, and learn sound teaching. He was to embrace the truth a...

Study Means Learning

Scripture does more than just teach; it changes us. Many times it does so by giving us information and insight we can get nowhere else.

Study Means Action

Serious disciples, committed Christians, victorious believers, don't just give the Bible a quick glance. We examine it in the way James 1:22-25 describes.

Study is Transforming

The Bible is a unique book in history. Its truth is used by God every day to penetrate the hearts of men and alter them for eternity.

Study is Important

Among the questions we ask on this edition: why is it important that we study scripture? And what does Jesus say scripture does for us?

He Did Eat

The first man and woman are at the center of our study today. In this scripture, they disobey a command directly given to them by God - they sin.

Keep My Words

In this passage, Jesus explains what His departure will mean for His disciples, emphasizing on obedience and the role of the Holy Spirit.

In Him

Those who place their faith in Christ have only one option, only one logical next step, and that is to walk in Him - as His disciple.

An Example

God says suffering injustice patiently is acceptable to Him. Not sure about this? Take the example of Jesus Christ himself.


Today we examine a phrase that is often repeated in Deuteronomy. It will resonate with anyone brought out of a life bound in sin and made free by the Savior.

Law of Faith

Is there any justification for saying "Keeping God's law and doing good will make me right with God?" We find the answer in Romans 3:24-31.

Proverbs 12 (Part 2)

The Proverbs dispense wisdom sentence by sentence. Today we'll work through Part 2 of a diverse collection of thoughts from Proverbs 12.

Proverbs 12 (Part 1)

The Proverbs dispense wisdom sentence by sentence. Today we'll work through Part 1 of a diverse collection of thoughts from Proverbs 12.

Knew Not

Mary Magdalene, Simon Peter, and John discover something of history-shaking significance at Jesus' tomb. Today's passage tells the story.

Without Works

This episode addresses a passage that could be confusing if we forget what we know about the rest of scripture or fail to account for the context.

It is of Faith

We have access to God through Christ alone. He proved who He was through His resurrection - and we are delivered through Him. But we must have faith.


Riches can have such a tight hold on man. They grip our hearts in ways very few other things can, but praise God all chains can be broken by Christ!

The Heart

A heart for God is developed in a man by believing in the heart and obeying from the heart, and is tested in words that come from the heart.

Sanctify Them

To be sanctified is to be separated from profane things and dedicated to God, to be purified for use by God. This was Jesus' prayer for His disciples.

Selected Psalms

The Psalms provide comfort and help and encouragement when we face our most difficult moments in life. As we note in this podcast, for good reason.

All Men

There should never be a limitation a Christian's scope of concern for people, but our passage of the day doesn't fail to give us specifics.

Lacking Wisdom

Our passage of the day begins by contradicting human thinking. It tells us to have joy at the most inconvenient times and reminds us to ask for wisdom.

I Beseech You

Paul calls the Roman church to His side in this passage, exhorting them to actively, daily, and deliberately present their whole selves to God.


That which is included in our passage of the day must be taken into account. We must reckon with it - inwardly. It must occupy our thinking.

Be Made Whole

A man, unable to walk for 38 years, is waiting for healing near the pool of Bethesda, when Jesus arrives and asks "wilt thou be made whole?"

Come and See

In John 1:43-50 Philip tells Nathanael what he believes about Jesus. When a question is raised, Philip simply says "come and see."

Aged and Young

Godly character crosses all age and gender boundaries, but men and women are equipped in different ways, and equipped in different ways at different ages.

Forget Not

To forget is common to man. We are a forgetful people. Thankfully, God has provided reminders in His word. This Psalm is a good place to start.

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