Take Note is a live radio program heard weekdays on Harvest Family Radio, Guam. The podcast version features a ten-minute recap of one of our favorite programs from the previous week, minus the music.

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Study Means Learning

Scripture does more than just teach; it changes us. Many times it does so by giving us information and insight we can get nowhere else.

Study Means Action

Serious disciples, committed Christians, victorious believers, don't just give the Bible a quick glance. We examine it in the way James 1:22-25 describes.

Study is Transforming

The Bible is a unique book in history. Its truth is used by God every day to penetrate the hearts of men and alter them for eternity.

Study is Important

Among the questions we ask on this edition: why is it important that we study scripture? And what does Jesus say scripture does for us?

He Did Eat

The first man and woman are at the center of our study today. In this scripture, they disobey a command directly given to them by God - they sin.

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