Take Note is a live radio program heard weekdays on Harvest Family Radio, Guam. The podcast version features a ten-minute recap of one of our favorite programs from the previous week, minus the music.

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Great Gulf

The rich man in Luke 16 had a life of comfort and ease, while in eternity he suffered only torments. Why did the beggar Lazarus experience exactly the opposite? 

Made Nigh

When we were without God in the world, Christ died for us. He washed away our sins and made it possible for us to have a relationship with His Father. 

Have Not Charity

In Christian ministry our speaking, gifts, understanding, and even our faith mean nothing if we have not charity. We discuss what that means in this episode.

He Hath Declared Him

The God of heaven came to earth to dwell among men. Our passage of the day talks about this "Word made flesh," who came to die in our place on a cross.

With Gladness

We spend some time in a well-known Psalm on this edition. It encourages believers to sing, serve, thank, praise, and bless the Lord. Because He is good.

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