Take Note is a live radio program heard weekdays on Harvest Family Radio, Guam. The podcast version features a ten-minute recap of one of our favorite programs from the previous week, minus the music.

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Mine Honour

The Lord rebukes His priests through the prophet Malachi in Malachi 1:6-12. Today we discuss polluted offerings and the believer's duty to offer God our best.

Because He Believed

The details of this well-known story about Daniel are not always explained. We spend some time in Daniel 6:1-23 on this Take Note Podcast to have a closer look.

The Rain Descended

Jesus tells us about two kinds of people in Matthew 7:24-29. They have different foundations, and their foundations determine the outcome of their lives. 

Love Your Enemies

Jesus asks us to do a couple of impossible things in Matthew 5:43-48. Why and how should we love our enemies and be perfect, as the Father is perfect?

Fear and Great Joy

Disciples of Christ come face to face with an angel at Jesus' tomb. They are told He is risen, just as He said. Not long after, they see the risen Christ! 

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